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Valet Trash Service

Reliable & Affordable service

One of our most popular items. Servicing multi-families communities, student housing complexes, adult living facilities, and condominium associations.

Benefits & Values

  • No more disputes about whose turn it is to go to the dumpster
  • No more tugging garbage down the stairs
  • No more shuttling trash in or on top of your car
  • No more potentialy unsafe night-time walks to dumpsters

For communities

  • Increase property asset value by adding a new revenue stream
  • Improves residentes acquisition, retention and satisfaction
  • Dedicated and consistent team servicing your community
  • Provides the property a competitive advantage over others
  • Our doorstep service helps keep residents safe by eliminating late night trips to the dumpster and being another set of eyes watching over the community and deterring potential crime

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